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Monday: Book tasting for second round of literature circles

Tuesday: Library day/finish book tasting

Wednesday: Spotlight day; introduce argument analysis

Thursday: Analyze an argument prompt; begin article; homework goes home



Monday: Student/teacher holiday

Tuesday: Homework is due; analyze writing prompt; Hunted Left for Dead article

Wednesday: Spotlight day; remediation; continue social media article

Thursday: Practice writing prompt in computer lab

Friday: Analyze writing prompts from different classes


 Each nine weeks, we will have an essential question.  *For each question, the students will write a self-reflection at the end of the nine weeks in their writing journals. 

1st 9 weeks: "How do we decide who we are?"

2nd 9 weeks: "Hod do social injustices impact society?"

3rd 9 weeks: "How do social injustices impact society?"

4th 9 weeks: "How do we decide what is true?"