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All Classes

Monday - Copy Up Coming Events/Read, Grammar, Literature Circle Team Meeting Homework: Edmodo Due 1/15

Tuesday - Read for Literature Circles, Grammar, Excerpt from: To Be a Slave/Tone and Mood

Wednesday - Library Read, Grammar

Thursday- Reading Minute, Read for Literature Circles, Grammar, Case 21 Writing Review

Friday - Read, Grammar Slide Quiz, "Mississippi Black Bear"/Tone and Mood/Informational Writing


Extra Credit

  • There are two standing opportunities for extra credit. 

1. Pick up an article from the Things To Do Later folder (by the student computer) and write a response.

2. Write an entry in the Genius Journal (by the student computer). Follow step-by-step directions in the notebook.  (SEE FORMS TAB)

 **You may also accumulate points for responding to others' works in the journal. See journal for guidelines.**




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