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Week of January 16th-19th


Essential question for Unit 2: WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO FIND THE TRUTH?

Monday (1/15): holiday (Homework- Author's Craft: watch a video and take a short quiz - posted at Edmodo - due Sunday 1/21 by midnight)

Tuesday (1/16): SSR; lit circle responses; good lit circles- sounds like/ looks like; academic discussion stems; author's craft  

Wednesday(1/17): SSR; lit circle responses; library visit; informational writing- techniques and goals

Thursday(1/18): SSR; lit circle disussion day; generate research questions

Friday(1/19): SSR; lit circle responses; craft techniques; narrow topic; research rubric



NEW...beginning this semester homework will be assigned, completed, and turned in through Edmodo, a free educational technology. A parent letter was sent home in December with instructions on how to set up an account. Students will now have two extra days to complete assignments and will no longer have to keep up with handouts. The assignment will be posted the Monday of each week and will be due by that Sunday at midnight. Students who do not have Internet access outside of school will be given a pass for access to a computer during an elective period. Please contact me if you have any issues.





 I firmly believe that the success of a student depends on the team effort made by the teacher, parent, and student working together. Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Emily Simmons

7th Grade ELA Teacher


If one reads enough books one has a fighting chance.

Or better, one's chances of survival increase with each book one reads.

~ Sherman Alexie        



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