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Upcoming Information 


Welcome Class of 2024!

Upcoming Events:



January 4: Students Return & report cards

January 8: Report Cards DUE

January 12: Abstinence Opt-out form due

January 15: Holiday




This school year your child will be participating in many hands-on learning activities. I am asking that you save scrap items and send them in for us to use. Items I'm looking for:

egg cartons

cereal boxes

empty 2 liter bottles


fabric (canvas, cloth, felt, etc.)


cotton balls

popsicle sticks

bottle caps


coffee filters


masking tape

puff balls

rubber bands

plastic spoons


small plastic cups

If you think it can be used, send it my way!!


I am also looking for donations of old legos, K-nex, meter sticks, or army men.





 If you are not getting my weekly email, please email me and let me know.



Please sign up for REMIND 101-

How to sign up? Text @5088 to (662)591-4825

What is REMIND 101? It is a way to receive reminders from me without being in a group email or text. It's confidential. I will not know the phone numbers that are signed up to receive notices. It is also available as an app.




I will update this website every Friday for the upcoming week.  I will NOT post homework. It will be the student's responsibility to copy homework into their planner. Homework is due the next day and will NOT be accepted late.



Please feel free to contact me at any time. My phone number is 662-429-4154 ext 447.  Please allow me 24 hours

 to return calls. I check email at least three times each day. If you need a quicker response, email me. I prefer email. I can get you what you need quicker.