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Welcome to 8th grade US History  

Welcome back to school!


My US history class is no a normal history class. I am a believer that history is more than people, places, and dates. The study of history is very much like the study of the human body. How you ask? Well, just like the human body is alive, so is history. You just have to know where to look.

When students leave my classroom I want them to think about our country's history in a new way. I want them to consider their own history. Every day we are alive we are writing our history or our narrative. Every action that we take is all based on what others have done before. I not only want my students to learn from the mistakes and failures that have happened in our history, but I also want them to understand and realize that everything from the past is connected to the present and even the future.

I cannot wait to get the school year going. I cannot wait to hear from your students and get their take on the world around them and the world that has already passed.