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Weekly Updates 



Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

Parents and Students: This is where you will find a brief summary of the Week's Agenda.

Third 9 Weeks the students will be learning about Geography:

Continents:  Europe, Africa, and Asia 


January 8th-12th

(Bellwork- Continents: Quiz 1-12-18)

Monday: Chapter Atlas Textbook 176-183

Tuesday: Backpacking Europe Travel Guides

Wednesday: Eiffel Tower

Thursday: Northwestern Europe Today Textbook 184-189

Friday: West Central Europe Today Textbook 190-195

Homework: Study Bell Work, Any unfinished Classwork, Project due January 30th, 2018.



2nd Nine Weeks

December 11th-December 15th Semester Exam Week

(Bellwork: None)

Monday: Short Schedule Day (Basketball Games $3.00)

Tuesday: Review for Semester Exam

Wednesday: Semester Exam

Thursday: Make sure all Semester Exams are Completed

Friday: Make up Exams * Students may bring in a snack and drink

Homework: Study for Semester Exam

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years See you Next Year!



December 4th-December 8th South America

(Bellwork: Oceans- Quiz on Friday)

Monday: Brazil Geography

Tuesday: Brazil Today

Wednesday: South America Geography Video/Notes

Thursday: South America Geography Video/Notes

Friday: Review for Semester Exams

***Social Studies Exam: December 13, 2017

Homework: Study Oceans and any unfinished classwork



November 27th-December 1st  South America

(Bellwork: West Region-Quiz on Friday)

Monday: Textbook Introduction to South America

Tuesday: Textbook Caribbean and South America pg. 110

Wednesday: Textbook Caribbean and South America Today pg 118

Thursday: Textbook The Andes and Pampas Pg 126

Friday: Textbook The Andes and Pampas Today pg 139

Homework: Study the West Region/ Any unfinished classwork



November 13th-17th North America

(Bellwork: Midwest Region- Quiz on Thursday)

Monday- Wednesday: Coast to Coast Project

***Bring in Posterboard, Map, Photos, and Art supplies

Thursday: Coast to Coast Project is due... Presenting

Friday: Presenting Coast to Coast Project

Homework: Study Midwest Region and Research Coast to Coast


November 6th-10th  North America

(Bellwork: Northeast Region- Quiz on Friday)

Monday: Finish Mexico Textbook Jigsaw Sections 1 & 2

Tuesday: Closing out North America

Wednesday: Closing out North America

Thursday: Closing out North America

Friday: Introduction to Coast to Coast Project- Due November 16th

Students will need one poster  board per group!!!! Please Bring in the poster board by November 13th.


Homework: Study Northeast Region/ None, unless incomplete Classwork


Classroom Project: Flour, Salt, Blue/Green/Brown Washable Paint, and Legos


October 30th- November 3rd  North America

Bellwork: None

Monday- Mexico Textbook Section 1

Tuesday- Day of the Dead Celebration

Wednesday- Day of the Dead Celebration

Thursday- Mexico Textbook Section 2

Friday- Mexico Jigsaw Textbook Section 1 and 2 with partner

Homework: None, unless incomplete classwork


***You may bring snacks for the whole class on the 31st (spotlighters) and 1st of November for Day of the Dead Celebration!!!



October 23rd-27th United States

(Bellwork: Southeast Region- Quiz on Friday)

Monday- Textbook United States Section 2/3

Tuesday- Textbook Canada Section 1

Wednesday- (Unity Lesson) Canada Section 2

Thursday- Textbook Canada Section 3

Friday- Textbook Mexico Section 1

Homework: Study Southeast Region/ None unless unfinished Classwork.

Homeroom is collecting Box tops/ Canned Goods


Also, collecting for Classroom Projects:

  • Salt and Flour
  • Legos
  • Memorabilla about Canada
  • Day of the Dead (Celebration Nov. 1st)



October 16th- 20th United States


(Bell work- Southwest Region Handouts)

Monday- Textbook 1.4 Understanding Maps

Tuesday- United States Map; Identifying Regions

Wednesday- Textbook 1.5 Types of Maps

Thursday- Textbook Ch.1 The United States

Friday- Textbook Ch. 1 The United States/ Quiz Southwest Region

Homework: Study Soutwest Region/ Any incomplete Classwork


October 9th-13th

Monday- Holiday :)

This week we are studying the Five Themes of Geography

Tuesday- Textbook Chapter 1.2 Questions

Wednesday-Textbook 1.2

Thursday- Pep Rally/ Geography Video

Friday- Textbook 1.3 

Homework: None unless unfinished classwork