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Welcome to the 6th grade!! We are going to have an exciting time this year as we travel through the Western Hemisphere. Be sure to visit my Schoology page to be current with our school plans, assignments, and events. 

Tish Clarke

6th Grade Science & Social Studies






I received my Bachelor's Degree in Education from Crichton College in 2003.


I have been with Hernando Middle School since receiving my degree in 2004. I completed my student teaching at Southaven Middle School and Shadow Oaks Elementary. I taught ELA and Social Studies for many years, but my passion is Social Studies. Several years ago I switched to only teaching Social Studies. The standards have changed in the passed few years, and we now teach Geography of the Western Hemisphere. However; with my love of history, we will focus on several historical events to make this year come alive. 

I live in Memphis with my family and have been happily married for almost 38 years to my husband, BJ. We attend the Forest Hill Church of Christ. We have three children: Daniel, Holly, and Michael (married to Meagan). The most important addition to my life is my wonderful grandson, Adam. He brings life and joy to our entire family!

Teaching has always been a passion for me. I am blessed to speak at various lectureships, retreats, and marriage seminars with my husband who is the Director of the Memphis School of Preaching and Missions. I also teach adult education classes at MSOP to the students' wives regarding the subject of teaching in a church setting. I am an avid reader! When I can tear myself away from a book, I enjoy sewing, gardening, and cooking.



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