Tonya Orman

6th and 7th grade Science


About me


Master of Education - Math and Science

University of Mississippi



Study Tools



Reference & help
Khan Academy

great website with tutorials on EVERYTHING!!!   free to use - highly recommended!

Wolfram Alpha

What a great site! Need help with Algebra? Geometry? Balancing chemical equations? Calculating Velocity? Just try this site!


Check this site out = see what is really out there in space!

Universe Today

just another really cool site

Pink Palace Museums

Watch, Know, Learn

want to learn about a topic by watching a short video?

Homework Help

Need homework help????

My favorite search engine

My favorite meta search engine!

Magnolia Research database

From home students can go to this website and use the password: magn0897


From school students can click on Magnolia icon from any school computer


Once on Magnolia:

choose, K-12 middle school

choose Explore science


From Explore science there are many choices based on their science fair project they want to research

Math help!

Graphing Calculator

Science Fair help
Science Fair Central

Parents Science Fair help page

parent resources


Supply List

The only thing required for my class is a spot/place in a 3 ring binder (can be any subject - History may be best) that students can place handouts and record notes as needed for Science.

Optional needs are: facial tissues (always needed), wet wipes (for cleaning up tables), paper towels (cleaning up our messes), and other things we will need will be posted closer to time but please collect and save all shoeboxes - send them in as you have them. Each student will need one for an upcoming project later in the year.