Tonya Wofford, NBCT

8th Grade Science & Assistant Boys Soccer Coach


What will we learn this year?

1. Asexual & Sexual Reproduction

2. Inherited and Acquired Characteristics

3. Proteins and Genetic Mutations

4. Natural Selection

5. Common Ancestry

6. Plate TEctonics

7. Earth's History Part 1

8. Earth's History Part 2

9. Natural Resources

10. Waves

11. Natural Hazards

Class Expectations

Be Prepared

Be Positive

Be Productive

Be Polite

Follow ALL policies and procedures at ALL times.

How do I access classwork when absent?

Schoology will be used to view classwork while absent or if they happen to be quarantined. The work will expected to be completed according to the makeup work policies put forth by Desoto County Schools.  If a student is quarantined, they are expected to complete ALL work that is assigned during that period.  This will also be found on Schoology.



Welcome to Mrs. Wofford’s Science class. I look forward to a GREAT year with you.

     Let me tell you a little about myself. This is my 1st  year teaching 8th grade at Hernando Middle School. I began teaching in 2009 at Olive Branch Middle School where I taught 7th  grade Language Arts for 3 years and 8th grade Language Arts for 2 years. This will be my 8th year at Hernando Middle.  I've taught 7th grade ELA for 7 years, and now I am soooo excited to be teaching science!   

    I received my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Mississippi and have a highly qualified certification in English/Language Arts. I am also a National Board Certified Teacher. I am now venturing into science.

     I am married and have three children: Katelyn, Clay, and Jourdan; and I have a wonderful son-in-law Austin and grandchild Mav.  I live in Hernando, and I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with my family.

     I can’t wait to start the year and learn more about you, your family, and what you enjoy doing while you are not at school.  I am looking forward to getting off to a wonderful start!